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Cultural & Educational Tours
We offer comprehensive tours in Iran covering areas of great historical and educational interest. As Iran is geographically enormous, putting a single itinerary to cover all the areas of importance is not practical. We have covered areas of greater interest giving a brief synopsis on each and their most historical sights.

Tehran is always a good place to start and from here your journey could take you either northeast to Mashad, west to Hamadan and south to Shiraz and Isfahan through Kerman, Bam, Yazd and Ahwaz.

In Tehran you can visit the old city of Rey, the original capital of Iran. Visit the University of Tehran and the archaeological and art museums funded by the local ministry of Culture and Education.

The Zoroastrians’ history in Iran began in the cities of Kerman and Yazd some 3,000 years ago. There are many historical sights to see in this area which are of great interest including the Ibrahim Khan Theological School which was used up to the late 17th Century. The Ganj Ali Khan, an ancient complex including a caravansary, school, bazaar and bath dating from 18th Century, and of course the Bam Citadel south west of Kerman.On to Yazd, a city that has resisted the modern urbanization changes and still maintains its traditional structure.

From Yazd visit Shiraz and see the 5th BC giant complex of Persepolis built by Darius the Great. In Shiraz City center are the Tombs of Saadi and Hafiz, two well-known Iranian poets. Shiraz is also home to the Shrine of Shah Cheraagh – a mosque of splendid interior design. In the Karim Khan citadel, the Shiraz ministry has relocated the various museums from around Shiraz – exhibiting artifacts dating from as early as 5000 BC.

Taking the route from Shiraz to Isfahan you can visit Pasargade, the resting-place of Cyrus the Great – on through Izadkhast, the Sesanian citadel. The University of Isfahan is open to visitors and those with an archaeological interest must see both the Imam Mosque, which is an unusual four-porch mosque with beautiful tile work, the Friday mosque and the beautiful bridges of the Zayandehrud.

In Ahwaz, south west of Shiraz, are the 5th Century BC ruins of Suza and here also is the famous ziggurat of Choga Zanbil which dates from the 13th Century BC, during the time of the Elamites. UNESCO has now registered this as a historical monument. Also to be seen here is the mausoleum of Daniel (A Hebrew prophet during Babylonian captivity) and the relics of the ancient temples in Haft Tappeh.

East from Tehran lies the holy city of Mashad. The city attracts millions of Muslim pilgrims from inside Iran and overseas who come to visit the holy shrine. The complex covers the shrine of the holy Imam is the largest and most magnificent architectural structure. This complex houses an important museum containing among other attractions old and hand-written Qorans, and a large library.

 Nature Tours
 Historical Perspective: From the down of history environmental conditions and the rich variety of natural resources in the Iranian region made it possible for our ancestors to create great flourishing civilizations. Our Iranian forefathers conceived of the earth as a mother, nature as sacred and the pollution of the environment as a sin.A tour to the National Parks in IRAN: Iran is a vast nation of great natural beauty and rich history. Because of its beautiful natural setting, a lively and interesting environment we can offer our nature loving tourists a no. of magnificent and outstanding tours which are unique and can be organized in a wide range of different itineraries to cover the beauty of the whole country at very competitive prices.

We can offer you, visits to a number of Natural Parks & Protected Regions such as , Golestan, Kavir, Lar, Khosh Yellagh , Bakhtegan and Bamoo. Bakhtegan lake is a place that must be seen by tourists especially in winter when the migrated flamingos and birds from Russia accommodate themselves in here.

A visit to Margoon Waterfall, Anzali Lagoon (West Caspian coast) Miankaleh Lagoon (East Caspian coast), Qeshm island Mangrove forest in Persian Gulf will fulfill your tour of Iran.

At present there are 10 National Parks & 41 Protected Regions in Iran. The total area encompassed by these Protected areas is approximately 7.9 million hectares (about 19.75 million acres) about 4.8 % of the total land area of the country.


 Climbing Tours
  Damavand is the highest mountain peak in Iran with a high point of 5610 meters. Damavand is higher than all west Asian & European mountain peaks. Damavand peak is situated in Larijan district, southwest of Amol and 69 Kilometers northeast of Tehran. Damavand is an inactive volcanic mountain always covered with snow. There are no records of the last eruption but there’s hot steam & sulfur gases coming out at the top. Damavand contains about 70 volcanic mouths and one of them is filled with a thick sulfur crest producing a beautiful conical peak with a diameter of some 400 meters. The wrinkles of this mountain range extend to east and the width of the range widens in a spot located between the Karaj – Chalus road and Hezar valley.This section of the mountain represents three ranges beginning from the Lar & Noor valleys. The highest spots of Alborz Mountain are located here. The height of peaks in this range is no less than 3500 meters and a few peaks come in heights of over 4000 meters. In the middle of spring, there is a beautiful red tulip plain in the world which has harmony with every season’s color. In spring is red, in summer is green, in autumn is yellow & in winter is white. Moreover, there is a lake named Lar, suitable for fishing and there are so many mineral water springs. When the sky is clear and sunny, Damavand can be seen from Tehran and other cities such as Amol, Sari, Qom & Kashan.
 Ski Tours
 One of the most interesting sport activities in Iran is Skiing. The first ski resort was established on 1940 in Ab-e-Ali. Now there is 16 ski resorts in Iran which Dizin is the most famous one. Our ski resorts offer a wide variety of terrain, for many ski runs with max. 850 meters vertical drop. There is something for everyone, from long rolling cruising runs to wide bowls or narrow chutes.Dizin winter & summer international ski resort is located just 60 Km. far from North West of Tehran. Where can offer you & your family a variety of sports activities to enjoy your short break fully. Following facilities are available in Dizin such as hotels, restaurants, ski school, tennis & volley ball courts, children play ground & summer grass skiing. Skiing facilities are available in the resort for hire; therefore you do not need to bring your gears. On site the ski school uses the international teaching method which makes your learning more enjoyable.


Shopping Tours
We can organize specific tours with an emphasis on shopping. The most popular areas for shopping are Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz, with outlying cities such as Kerman, Tabriz, Yazd and Hamadan etc. offering their own local handicrafts. For example, Tabriz specializes in carpets and Hamadan is known for its handmade pottery.

Tehran and Isfahan offer the most diverse range of Iranian artworks and handicrafts. Handmade wool and silk carpets from every region are represented in the main cities. Here you can also find woolen rugs and Qilims made by the ‘Qashqai’ and the ‘Bakhtiari’ tribes of Iran. Fine woodwork, metalwork’s, miniatures and cloth woven in different places and in different forms can be bought. Handmade glass works in a stunning array of color and design can be found in almost any outlet. Combing the souks can produce many treasures to the discerning shopper, not least antique glass and jewelry.

Iranian carpets are world-famous for their rich symbolism and incredible attention to detail. The weaver will generally work from a paper pattern which represents one quarter of the finished carpet. The celebrated velvety appearance is achieved by knotting a piece of wool around two threads of the warp, leaving the tail protruding. One square meter of average quality carpet can contain 100,000-200,000 knots, and a good weaver will average 10,000-14,000 knots per day.


Cruise Ships
**A Pioneer in the Field of Cruise Lines
Combining an in-depth knowledge of Iran with a sophisticated international approach to quality and service, we at Iran Discovery Tours, are the ideal partners for any tourism venture in the country.Headquartered in the capital Tehran, our company is a fully private enterprise with both Iranian and western ownership and a multi-national staff.Set up to provide personalized tour packages of Iran, we brought the first international cruise ship into an Iranian port in 1997. With the support of the government of Iran and its tourism organization, we are now planning expansion into new ventures in the leisure sector, increasing the provision of quality services and facilities in what is acknowledged as one of the world’s great unexplored destinations.Passengers handled by Iran Discovery Tours may be permitted to disembark at one port and re-board at the next port of call, special facilities have been negotiated to permit the issuing of visas on a ship’s passenger manifest, with onboard clearance by immigration, 72-hour manifest visas for overnight stays and multiple entry possibilities, again based on passenger manifest visas.We can also arrange for on board and quayside musical and folkloric presentations within Iranian ports.

It’s all part of the services here at Iran Discovery Tours, Your best choice in Iran