About Us

Iran Discovery Tours has been active in Iran’s tourism industry for over 20 years. They specialize in customized VIP tours (Cruise Ships, Private Air Cruises and International Academic Tours and more). With the headquarters located in Tehran along side other representatives in Isfahan, Shiraz, Dubai and Toronto, Iran Discovery Tours has accomplished a lot during the last few years and has established a strong relationship with big European and American pioneers in this industry.

Iran Discovery has been active with the Iranian tourism authority, Port authorities, Immigration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a range of other associations and ministries to explain the special requirements of the cruise line industry as it relates to port handling of cruise vessels and clearance of passengers. This effort has resulted in directives and guidelines to be given to the different departments handling cruise vessels and passengers to meet the special needs of the cruise line industry with regard to quality, speed and efficiency of service.
The presence of our company’s branches in the different ports has assured understanding and better coordination of these directives and special relationships with local port and immigration authorities, allowing us to have a hands-on approach in dealing with any problem that might arise with each call and at each port.

Some of the major contributions that we are proud to have accomplished in this industry are listed below :
1 – Arranging for visas to be issued on ship’s passenger manifest.
2 – Arranging 72-hour manifest visas for the passengers, which would allow for charter flights to different regions of Iran and overnight stay outside of the vessel if needed for any excursion.
3 – Allowing for multiple entry possibilities based on passenger manifest visas.
4 – Allowing for movement of cruise vessels from one Iranian port to another with possible disembarkation of some passengers at one port and their re-embarkation at another.
5 – Providing for possibility of passenger clearance by immigration officers on board the vessel.
6 – Providing for possibility of presentation of musical and folkloric programs in theaters at the different ports.
7 – pre/post cruise programs.

We are actively maintaining our dialogue and efforts with different ministries and authorities in Iran to improve our port and immigration facilities to better service in the cruise line industry.

Iran Discovery Tours the Cruise Ship Service Specialist
Iran Discovery is the only company in Iran presently providing cruise liners total services with a highly efficient infrastructure and dedicated personnel; Iran Discovery guarantees its customers a unique level of commitment and services.

The strong customer orientation of the company and its international network therefore makes it a natural partner of major cruise lines planning to call at Iranian ports.

We offer a high quality of service combined with the utmost efficiency and attention to every detail of the operation.